Air Conditioning Replacement

When it’s time to replace you’re AC unit, calling Environmental Air Systems will pay off in the long run. We will make sure you are aware of all of the various options from high efficiency units to low cost solutions. Many times AC units are under sized when installed and this leads to a very unhappy customer because they are frustrated with the fact that they have new AC but yet it does not completely cool the house on those hot summer days. 

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Once we evaluate your home size and existing equipment along with any specific requirements you may have, we will be able to provide you with a competitive price with long lasting warranties above and beyond that of other companies.

Some keys indicators that your AC unit is not functioning at peak performance:

  • Your energy bills are slowly increasing
  • The cooling power has decreased
  • Some rooms are cooler than others
  • It takes a long time to cool down your home
  • Repairs are needed more often
  • The system is 10 + years old
  • Neglected units that have not been properly maintained

Our experts are extensively trained and have the skills required ensuring your new system is installed quickly and efficiently.  Call Environmental Air Systems today for a free consultation.